Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recent happenings

PEARL February Meeting Attendees
Members at PEARL meeting in February 2014
It has been a while since we last posted here, but we haven't been sleeping.  Here are some things that have happened since the last post.
  • We have visit at least nine of the Catholic grade schools in the diocese.  (Had more scheduled but many were cancelled due to snow.)
  • Plans are in the works for visiting the other schools.
  • We have had discussions and started plans for the upcoming Year for Consecrated Life which will begin this fall.
  • Jennifer Willems from the Catholic Post interviewed Sister Sarah, Father Paul and myself (Sister Rose Therese) for an article on PEARL in the upcoming Vocation Issue.
  • There is now a link from the website of the Diocese of Peoria to the PEARL website.  It is under Ministries - Religious.  (Thank you, Julie.)
  • We have embedded a Calendar in this site for vocation related events around the diocese.  Please feel free to send me related events to post there.
  • We are working on having a vocation video or two made.
  • The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, at St. Jude and Peoria Notre Dame, said they would like to participate in PEARL.  Welcome!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this new endeavor.  We hope that PEARL will help vocations to flourish in the diocese and beyond.